How to Bet on Tennis

You like betting on football, but still, you haven’t won any prize so far. Well, here is a good news. If you are not too picky about what kind of betting events you should play, tennis is a great option. There are less people who bet on this sports than football. That means you have higher chance to win a tennis betting than you used to have in football.

So, how exactly you can bet on this sport?

Let’s prepare first

Okay, first you need to know that tennis is much simpler than any sport in almost any way. It also means there are less factors to observe than other sports.

Before you bet on a tennis match, you may need to answer the following questions:

  • is the match held on hardcourt, grass, or clay?
  • on which surface both players usually play the best?
  • haven’t they met before? what are their head-to-head statistics?
  • are the players right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
  • what is the expected weather condition?
  • is any of them suffering any injury or strain?
  • when did both of them play last time?

Types of tennis betting

Now you are ready to bet, but let’s find out which type of tennis betting suits you the most.

Match betting

In this betting, you will win if your chosen player wins the player or lose if he/she loses it. It is as simple as that.

Outright winners

Similar to match betting, in outright winners, your chosen player has to win the tournament or match in order for you to win. If they lose, the same thing will occur to you.

Correct scores

This betting is a bit more complicated than the match and outright winners. For example, in a match between Cilic and Zverev, you bet on Cilic’s victory with 6-4 at 5/1 odds. In this case, if you bet $5 and he truly wins the game with 6-4, you will win $25.

Set handicap betting

In this type, you need to add the final result of every match with the handicap.

For example:

You bet on a game between Murray and Federer. Murray is given -1.5 handicap, while his opponent receives +1.5 advantage. After looking at this handicap, you choose to bet $5 on Murray with 2/1 odds. If he actually wins the game by 2 sets, it will leave you as the winner. As for your winnings, you will receive 2 x $5.

Game handicap betting

In this betting, the betting house attaches a handicap to the game total. Therefore, you have to subtract/add the total amount of sets/games by the handicap.

For example:

You want to bet on a game between Nadal and Wawrinka. Nadal is given -7.5 handicap against his opponent with 2/1 odds. You later choose to bet $5 on him.

Outcome 1:

Nadal eventually win a set of 25 games, while Wawrinka only has 20. This amount is less than -7.5 handicap. That means you lose the bet, even though your chosen player wins them.

Outcome 2:

Nadal wings 30 games, while Wawrinka only scores 20. Since the amount is at least or higher than -7.5 handicap, you win the game. As for the prize, you win 2 x $10.


Types of Lottery Games

The age doesn’t lie. The lottery might be one of the oldest game ever created in human history. However, it is also one of the most famous games we ever see until today. Millions of people from all around the world play this game every single day, hoping that one day they would bring home the prize.

As the game evolves, many types of the lottery are available today. However, all these games can be classified into 5 basic types of the lottery: instant games, multi-state games, dailies, little lottos, and lotto.


In this game, the drawing process begins when the host put a number of balls into a selected drawing equipment. The number of balls may vary from state to state. In Michigan, for example, there are 47 balls inside the equipment, while in Florida, they usually add extra 6 balls into the equipment.

Now, in order to choose the winner, the host will draw 6 numbers from the equipment. There are 2 ways to become a lotto winner. To win the jackpot, your numbers should match all the 6 numbers drawn by the host. What if you only have 3, 4, or even 5 of the matching numbers? Don’t worry. You can still win the lower-tier prizes.

Little lottos

Little lottos are similar with lotto games, but with better odds. As the name suggests, there are fewer balls in Litte Lottos than the conventional lotto. For example, the Florida Fantasy draws the winning number from just 36 balls, while Georgia Fantasy draws them from 39 balls.

To win the game, you just need to pick 5 numbers and these numbers should match exactly with the winning number drawn by the host. That applies for the jackpot prize, though. You can still win the lower-tier prize if you only have 4, 3 or even 1 matching number.


Unlike many lottery games, Dailies is a lottery type that picks its winner on a daily basis. The odds are better, but the prize is less due to the more frequent drawing. In some states, you can even play them 7 times a week.

The most popular Dailies games are Pick 3 or Pick 4. In Pick 3, you have to choose 3 number, anything from 000 to 999. In Pick 4, you have to pick 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999. Each of these game has their own play slips and type of plays, including exact order, any order, exact/any, and combination. The cost of playing will depend on your chosen type, ranging from 50 cents to $3.

Your fate in this game is decided by your chosen type of play. If you play exact order in Pick 3, all your 3 numbers should match all the 3 winning digits. For example, if the winning number is 201, your number should be 201 to win the prize. If you play any order, even if you have 102, 012, or 201, you can still win the game.

Multi-state games

Multi-state games is basically when multiple states join together to create lottery game with better payout than if they host it separately. MegaMillion is one of these multi-state games. The game is originally created by local government in Washington, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, and California.

Powerball is also a multi-state game. This game is hosted by MUSL or the Multi-State Lottery Association. The game is now played in 29 states, the US Virgin Islands, and District of Columbia.

Instant games

You may know this game as scratch-off game. In order to win, you don’t have to pick numbers, wait until the drawing, and match your numbers with the winning digits. There is no need for that. All you have to do is scratch your ticket and see if it matches the winning number. That’s it 🙂

Dozens of Newfoundlanders Won Record-Breaking $60M Jackpot

The Atlantic Lottery Corp., who hold the Lotto Max, just confirmed that the record-breaking $60 million Lottery Max jackpot will be shared among around 30 Newfoundlanders. Due to this amount of winner, the corporation is now busy seeking a place where they can hold that many people in one venue.

Having around 350 people as the jackpot winner is also the first time in Lotto Max history. Usually, the corporation only has to hold the celebration in their office for there are only 1 or 2 winners. However, this year’s winner completely changes that tradition. It is certainly not easy to find a venue which can hold 350 winners, but it is crucial to find the right place because this time it is not just about telling the world who the winners are. It is also telling the world that there are still some people who want to share their prize with other people. It is the celebration of a community, instead of winning a togel jackpot.

With that amount of winners, many people are so curious about who they are. Unfortunately, the only information shared to the media that many of them are from Avondale and its neighboring communities near Newfoundland bay. There is no further information about their detailed identity, where they live, and so on.

When local people heard the news, some of them couldn’t even believe that the huge fortune finally falls upon them. As one of the biggest jackpots ever won in Canada, there is no surprise about this. The most interesting here, however, is the decision of those people to share the prize among other hard-working people. Instead of keeping the money to themselves, they choose several people who they believe are worth for the money. This is the true strength of a community and we should be glad that this time the winners come from Newfoundland.

Both the people and the local city will be thankful for this huge amount of money. For the city, it will bring a huge amount of investment, which also means better public service to the community.

Perhaps, they have been destined to win the jackpot. Labrador and Newfoundland probably suffered the most impact when the oil price suddenly fell in 2014. The local economy fell and was roughly enough to support its local citizen. This jackpot should be able to help them to rebuild their lives. With approximately $1.8 million per winner, they should have more than enough to rebuild their lives. If only that’s not enough, there will be around 300 people who will come to their celebration and support them. That’s what we call community strength and Newfoundlanders have it all.

This leaves us curious. Who would become the next Lotto Max winner? Will be able to see something like this from the future winner? We sure hope there are always people like this, people who are kind enough to share their fortune. If we have many people like this, the lottery is surely one of the best ways to make the world a better place to live.


Should You Sacrifice Your Privacy for Lottery Jackpot?

Winning a lottery jackpot can be very exciting and threatening at the same time. This truly happens to a Powerball jackpot winner from New Hampshire who recently won $560 million Powerball jackpot. Even though she hasn’t claimed the prize yet, she’s already being targeted by many people.

To protect her privacy, the winner has submitted an appeal to a local court to remain anonymous. The decision will later rule whether she can claim the prize without her name being made public. She took this action after local officials said she wouldn’t be allowed to claim the prize if she refuses the term. The officials said that making her name public will help them to prevent corruption. Everyone will know where the money goes and nothing is hidden from the public.

As good as it might sound, we do understand the stresses this Jane Doe experiences. Nothing is going to be the same when there are so many people hunting and targeting you just because you won the lottery.

It is crucial for the court to judge her liable to remain anonymous in order to protect her. At least, the court should allow a trust to claim the prize on her behalf. The latter would help in the very least her name to remain a secret.

Handing the claiming process to a trust is a good idea because she doesn’t have to appear in public. However, the lottery commission will likely oppose this idea because she has signed the ticket. They told the media that using a trust to claim the prize can no longer be used because she has signed the ticket.

This is interesting, though. There is no explanation about the risk or what would happen if you sign the ticket once you have won the jackpot. The only information regarding it is signing the ticket would help you to claim the prize even if the ticket is lost. With only that information in hand, who could have possibly know that by signing the ticket, we have also eliminated our chance to remain anonymous?

Is it a trap? For us, we believe so. The lottery committee should be responsible for providing this lack of information. Instead of accusing the victim, they should help her to make the best decision. At least, in the future they should proclaim to the public the ‘side effect’ of signing your ticket.

What about removing her name from the ticket?

That won’t do much. Regarding this idea, the lottery committee told the media that doing this will only make the ticket void.

Another alternative, as suggested by Ms. Doe’s lawyers, is by making a copy of the original winning ticket and replacing the name on the copy with the name of the chosen trust. While it sounds uncommon, rumors said that both sides are close to agreement about how they can keep Ms. Doe anonymous.

We do hope that the final decision should not put Ms. Doe as a victim. Her winning should bring her joy, not threats.

Looking for The Best Poker Apps? Try This

With millions of active users worldwide, you can easily find a poker app today. There are at least hundreds of them today. The only problem is not all of them is the app you want. Some apps can be just wasting your time, scam, or even viruses. There are only a few of them where you can actually play poker and win real-money prize.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of what we believe as trusted poker app. Whether you want to hone your skills, play online, transfer funds, track your statistics, observe other players, or find local tournaments, these apps can help you.

Bravo Poker Live

This is the best poker app so far. It uses the same system as most poker rooms in the US use to manage their waiting lists, players, ang games. With this app, you can see details of each poker room, tournaments, promotions, waiting lists, and current games in real time.

Poker Atlas

If you live in North America, you may want to try this app. It has information from around 600 poker rooms in the region. This app helps you to gain details about prize pool guarantees, tournament entry and administrative fees, blind structures, registration time, starting chips, and many more.

pokeratlas app screenshot

If you are new to this game, this app can also help you to learn about Omaha and Hold’em, advice and strategy, player etiquette, and plenty other things you should learn as a poker player.

Poker News

As the name suggests, this app is a pool of poker information. This app provides live tournament coverage, latest poker videos, strategy and news articles, poker podcasts, FAQ, forum discussion, and even links to other popular poker apps.

My Stack

My Stack is an app developed by the same team that develops Poker News. This app allows you to update your tournament progress in real time, while still playing. This way, you can stream your match so your family, follower, and friends can watch it in real time and have up-to-date information.

Poker Income Tracker

Unlike the first 4 apps, the developer of this app doesn’t originally make this app for poker players. Nevertheless, after finding its huge benefits among poker players, the developer extend the use of this app. Now, you can use this app to track your location, stakes, live game results, and time played.

You can easily track and record every data with high accuracy, then use the data to better improve your poker skills. I personally love this app because I can use it as my database. I put every piece of information from my previous matches and then use them to build a better strategies.


How Poker Card Covers Prevent Cheating

Poker rooms now encourage their players to cover their cards with a poker card cover for one reason and one reason only, to prevent cheating. That’s right cheating. Back in the days of the wild west when outlaws and hooligans ruled the poker world, teams of cheaters were prevalent. Teams of cheaters continued into the first days of Las Vegas before the card rooms started implementing rules to prevent certain cheats from working. When there’s money on the table, you’ll always have people trying to steal it. If casinos didn’t force people to protect their hand, or muck if another player’s cards touched theirs, the slight of hand magician could simply switch out a card with his partner’s card for a more powerful hand.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the famous blackjack card counting team made even more famous by the movie 21. They used concepts such as chip signaling and hand signals to bring over players to the table when they had the right count. The same types of signals apply in poker. Chip signaling is the most popular. A different colored chip on top of the cards symbolizes the hand strength. If two players at the table are working together, player B can signal to player A that he is holding an ace but has a bad kicker. If player A is holding an ace, a king, or a queen and poker card covers weren’t required by the poker rooms player A could simply fold his cards on top of player B’s and player B could switch out his weak card with one of player A’s better cards. Suddenly his hand is much stronger and he has the advantage in the hand.

To prevent this from happening, casinos make players protect their cards and if their hand isn’t covered and another players cards touch, everything goes into the muck, thus this kind of cheating can no longer happen. Let’s go with a theoretical example now. Bill and Steve walk into the casino together to play some cards. No one knows whether or not Bill and Steve are there to play or cheat. Or perhaps Bill shows up then his friend Steve comes in later. If Bill’s cards touch Steve’s cards both Bill and Steve have to fold to prevent Bill and Steve from cheating, whether or not that was their initial plan. The film Rounders brought about the best visual example of poker players who cheat. They’d deal off the bottom, deal from the middle, chip signal, etc. This can still happen in home games if you aren’t on top of what’s going on, but if you ensure everyone uses a card guard you stop the con artist from any slight of hand.

The next reason to use a poker card protector is to stop yourself from giving away your hand strength unintentionally. You may be using one chip for pockets and other for ace king without even thinking about it. Some players only protect their hand when they intend on playing. Again this is a tell you are giving the table without thinking about it. To prevent this, always make sure you cover your cards as soon as you get them.

With so many poker card protectors to choose from where do you start? Why not visit poker money clips which doubles as a poker card cover

For important info in the sphere of poker lessons – please study this page. The time has come when proper information is truly only one click away, use this possibility.