Dozens of Newfoundlanders Won Record-Breaking $60M Jackpot

The Atlantic Lottery Corp., who hold the Lotto Max, just confirmed that the record-breaking $60 million Lottery Max jackpot will be shared among around 30 Newfoundlanders. Due to this amount of winner, the corporation is now busy seeking a place where they can hold that many people in one venue.

Having around 350 people as the jackpot winner is also the first time in Lotto Max history. Usually, the corporation only has to hold the celebration in their office for there are only 1 or 2 winners. However, this year’s winner completely changes that tradition. It is certainly not easy to find a venue which can hold 350 winners, but it is crucial to find the right place because this time it is not just about telling the world who the winners are. It is also telling the world that there are still some people who want to share their prize with other people. It is the celebration of a community, instead of winning a togel jackpot.

With that amount of winners, many people are so curious about who they are. Unfortunately, the only information shared to the media that many of them are from Avondale and its neighboring communities near Newfoundland bay. There is no further information about their detailed identity, where they live, and so on.

When local people heard the news, some of them couldn’t even believe that the huge fortune finally falls upon them. As one of the biggest jackpots ever won in Canada, there is no surprise about this. The most interesting here, however, is the decision of those people to share the prize among other hard-working people. Instead of keeping the money to themselves, they choose several people who they believe are worth for the money. This is the true strength of a community and we should be glad that this time the winners come from Newfoundland.

Both the people and the local city will be thankful for this huge amount of money. For the city, it will bring a huge amount of investment, which also means better public service to the community.

Perhaps, they have been destined to win the jackpot. Labrador and Newfoundland probably suffered the most impact when the oil price suddenly fell in 2014. The local economy fell and was roughly enough to support its local citizen. This jackpot should be able to help them to rebuild their lives. With approximately $1.8 million per winner, they should have more than enough to rebuild their lives. If only that’s not enough, there will be around 300 people who will come to their celebration and support them. That’s what we call community strength and Newfoundlanders have it all.

This leaves us curious. Who would become the next Lotto Max winner? Will be able to see something like this from the future winner? We sure hope there are always people like this, people who are kind enough to share their fortune. If we have many people like this, the lottery is surely one of the best ways to make the world a better place to live.