Easy Way to Win Scratch-off Lottery


Scratch-off lottery is an interesting, not only because it is easy, but also there are some hidden tricks that can help you increase your winning chance. My favourite? Winners In a Row and Winning the same prize as my ticket.

Winners in a Row

This trick is quite simple. There is a simple pattern in a scratch-off lottery. Sometimes, there is not just a single winner. Sometimes, there are even 2 of them. Surprisingly, they last not just for 1 ticket, but also for the stunningly 5 Р10 tickets as well.

Some of you might think that this is impossible because scratch-off games, as well as other lottery games, are made to be random. However, I have been seeing this pattern for several years now and I don’t believe that this is something to be ignored. That’s what makes me interested learning about this pattern and finally found out the answer.

Let’s assume you want to play a $2 game and the cashier gave you a free ticket of the same $2 or maybe even greater $4. Next, you get the next 1 or 2 tickets, when you eventually win the prize thanks to one of them. Now, you know one of these tickets paid out and so far, you have been using 4 – 5 scratch-off tickets. The interesting thing here is so far with these 4 – 5 tickets, you only paid for just one ticket with $2.

In many cases, I realized that after playing with the next several tickets, the amount of prize I won is far greater than the money I spent to purchase those tickets. Every time I picked a prize, the amount is usually more than $25. Win it for several times and you will soon realize that you can still win big after spending that money. This is what I call as winning in a row.

Winning Prize which equals your spending

Yes, I know that the name may be quite confusing, but let me explain it to you and you will find it very easy to understand.

Here is what I find. If you win a prize with the same amount as your ticket spending, your chance of winning the prize is usually higher than other scenario.

So basically, it is a break-even point scenario. You win the same amount with those you have spent. Let’s call it re-investment. You have spent some money to get the same amount of money and you can use it to purchase more tickets.

For example. I once purchased a $10 ticket. In turn, I won $10. I quickly cashed out the prize and used it to purchase other tickets, which eventually got me $250! Do you know how crazy it sounds? Yes, and it actually happens in the real world.

Of course, since this is my personal experience. I can’t give you any guarantee about whether it will work or not. However, after experiencing it for several times in the past, I am pretty sure that you can have the same luck as mine for just $2 or $20 at max.