How Poker Card Covers Prevent Cheating

Poker rooms now encourage their players to cover their cards with a poker card cover for one reason and one reason only, to prevent cheating. That’s right cheating. Back in the days of the wild west when outlaws and hooligans ruled the poker world, teams of cheaters were prevalent. Teams of cheaters continued into the first days of Las Vegas before the card rooms started implementing rules to prevent certain cheats from working. When there’s money on the table, you’ll always have people trying to steal it. If casinos didn’t force people to protect their hand, or muck if another player’s cards touched theirs, the slight of hand magician could simply switch out a card with his partner’s card for a more powerful hand.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the famous blackjack card counting team made even more famous by the movie 21. They used concepts such as chip signaling and hand signals to bring over players to the table when they had the right count. The same types of signals apply in poker. Chip signaling is the most popular. A different colored chip on top of the cards symbolizes the hand strength. If two players at the table are working together, player B can signal to player A that he is holding an ace but has a bad kicker. If player A is holding an ace, a king, or a queen and poker card covers weren’t required by the poker rooms player A could simply fold his cards on top of player B’s and player B could switch out his weak card with one of player A’s better cards. Suddenly his hand is much stronger and he has the advantage in the hand.

To prevent this from happening, casinos make players protect their cards and if their hand isn’t covered and another players cards touch, everything goes into the muck, thus this kind of cheating can no longer happen. Let’s go with a theoretical example now. Bill and Steve walk into the casino together to play some cards. No one knows whether or not Bill and Steve are there to play or cheat. Or perhaps Bill shows up then his friend Steve comes in later. If Bill’s cards touch Steve’s cards both Bill and Steve have to fold to prevent Bill and Steve from cheating, whether or not that was their initial plan. The film Rounders brought about the best visual example of poker players who cheat. They’d deal off the bottom, deal from the middle, chip signal, etc. This can still happen in home games if you aren’t on top of what’s going on, but if you ensure everyone uses a card guard you stop the con artist from any slight of hand.

The next reason to use a poker card protector is to stop yourself from giving away your hand strength unintentionally. You may be using one chip for pockets and other for ace king without even thinking about it. Some players only protect their hand when they intend on playing. Again this is a tell you are giving the table without thinking about it. To prevent this, always make sure you cover your cards as soon as you get them.

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