How to Bet on NBA

At Red Ice, we never stop to provide you the best information about the lottery and online gambling in common. This time, we’ll show you another kind of gambling you can try: NBA betting.

The world famous NBA season usually begins in late October until it reaches the final stage in early July. With around 6 months to play, you have enough time to build your betting bankroll. However, before you can actually earn money from this event, there are some fundamental things you have to learn. On this occasion, first, you have to learn the various types of NBA betting.


Basketball is probably one of the fastest game in the world. Not only the game itself only runs for 12 minutes for each quarter (4 quarters in total), but also each player only has 24 seconds to score a goal once he/she has it in his/her possession. Due to this speed, any basketball game, especially the NBA, can become very high scoring ones. To deal with this, bookmakers usually use spread or moneyline to equalize the winning chance of competing teams. Therefore, it is not quite a surprise to the betting spread reaches +15 or even higher.

Here is an example to help you understand about this wagering type. Let’s say Celtics play against Knicks in an NBA match. The opening line for both teams are -2 -110 and +2 -110 respectively. At the end of the match, Celtics won the game with 96 – 86.

The -2 figure indicates that the bookmaker favors Celtics to win, despite they are playing at Knicks’ home base. As usual, the -110 next to it is juice or vig. It indicates the amount of fee your bookmaker charges for any player who uses its service. That means if you bet $110 on Boston, you will receive $100 profit if the team wins the game. If you see a ‘+’ symbol, it indicates the number with that symbol is the underdog for that game.


Moneyline is a bit different from point spread. In this betting type, the bookmaker usually creates various odds depending on their prediction of the future winner. For this reason, it is quite common in NBA betting to find drastic odds, especially when the one of they mighty NBA clubs play against small teams.

To help you understand this wagering type, here is an example. Two basketball teams, Warriors and Spurs are scheduled to meet each other. Your bookmaker later published the odds. Warriors will play with +600 odds, while their opponent has -850.

Based on the odds, you can easily say both competing teams have drastic odds. The number also indicates that your bookmaker favors Spurs to win the match. From the numbers alone, the bookmaker also tells that if you want to win $100 from the game, you have to bet at least $850 on Spurs, in case they win the game. However, if you believe their opponent, the Warriors, would win the game, you can bet much smaller than the Spurs’ $850. This time, it is quite the opposite. You only have to bet $100 and if the Warriors eventually win the game, you can earn $600 in profit.