How to Bet on Tennis

You like betting on football, but still, you haven’t won any prize so far. Well, here is a good news. If you are not too picky about what kind of betting events you should play, tennis is a great option. There are less people who bet on this sports than football. That means you have higher chance to win a tennis betting than you used to have in football.

So, how exactly you can bet on this sport?

Let’s prepare first

Okay, first you need to know that tennis is much simpler than any sport in almost any way. It also means there are less factors to observe than other sports.

Before you bet on a tennis match, you may need to answer the following questions:

  • is the match held on hardcourt, grass, or clay?
  • on which surface both players usually play the best?
  • haven’t they met before? what are their head-to-head statistics?
  • are the players right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
  • what is the expected weather condition?
  • is any of them suffering any injury or strain?
  • when did both of them play last time?

Types of tennis betting

Now you are ready to bet, but let’s find out which type of tennis betting suits you the most.

Match betting

In this betting, you will win if your chosen player wins the player or lose if he/she loses it. It is as simple as that.

Outright winners

Similar to match betting, in outright winners, your chosen player has to win the tournament or match in order for you to win. If they lose, the same thing will occur to you.

Correct scores

This betting is a bit more complicated than the match and outright winners. For example, in a match between Cilic and Zverev, you bet on Cilic’s victory with 6-4 at 5/1 odds. In this case, if you bet $5 and he truly wins the game with 6-4, you will win $25.

Set handicap betting

In this type, you need to add the final result of every match with the handicap.

For example:

You bet on a game between Murray and Federer. Murray is given -1.5 handicap, while his opponent receives +1.5 advantage. After looking at this handicap, you choose to bet $5 on Murray with 2/1 odds. If he actually wins the game by 2 sets, it will leave you as the winner. As for your winnings, you will receive 2 x $5.

Game handicap betting

In this betting, the betting house attaches a handicap to the game total. Therefore, you have to subtract/add the total amount of sets/games by the handicap.

For example:

You want to bet on a game between Nadal and Wawrinka. Nadal is given -7.5 handicap against his opponent with 2/1 odds. You later choose to bet $5 on him.

Outcome 1:

Nadal eventually win a set of 25 games, while Wawrinka only has 20. This amount is less than -7.5 handicap. That means you lose the bet, even though your chosen player wins them.

Outcome 2:

Nadal wings 30 games, while Wawrinka only scores 20. Since the amount is at least or higher than -7.5 handicap, you win the game. As for the prize, you win 2 x $10.