Lottery 101: Prize and Purchasing the Tickets

We love lottery so much and we want you to love it the same as we do. To begin, there are some interesting questions and answers you need to know about this game.


Where can you buy lottery tickets?

If you live in the North America region, you can purchase lottery tickets from more than 230,000 retail outlets in the region. Most of these retail outlets are popular places, including supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Why can some stores sell the ticket, while the others can’t?

If you want to sell lottery tickets, you have to meet certain standards set by your local government. At the very least, the government will rule out whether you have met their integrity and finance standards. Generally, if you meet these standards, you will be able to sell tickets right away.

Do the retail outlets receive any commission from the ticket sale?

As always, if your outlet sells lottery tickets, you will receive a certain amount of commission for every ticket you sell. The standard rate is usually 5 – 8% of the ticket price. However, please be advised as the amount may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Also, you can also get extra bonuses if your outlet sold the winning tickets or if your outlet sold the most tickets in your region.

I can’t find any nearby lottery outlet, where can I buy a ticket?

You can only buy lottery tickets from official lottery outlet. That means, if you can’t find any outlet in your region, the only thing you can do is travel to a place where you can find an outlet and get your ticket there.

Is there any restriction to who can play the lottery?

Usually, the law forbids lottery employees from joining the game. However, as always, the law may vary from one jurisdiction to another. The rule also extends to the employee’s blood-related family as well as the employees of all lottery suppliers. In other words, as long as you are the employee or a family member of an employee that is related to the lottery company and/or supplier, you can’t join the game. Even if you have the winning ticket, your winning will be nulled. For this reason, all employees are always reminded not to enter the game because it will be useless for them, even if they actually win.

What was the biggest prize ever?

Around 6 years ago, the world recorded the highest ever lottery jackpot prize. It was at the end of March 2012 when Mega Millions announced its world’s record $656 million jackpot. Soon three winning tickets from Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas claim the prize and split the prize among themselves. 

Six years later, the record has not yet been broken. Even though, there are plenty of lottery games which offer a fantastic amount of prize, up to hundreds of millions dollar. If you join the game, no doubt you will have a chance to win this prize.