Lotto Trapper and Hunter: Which One Are You?

Lotto games are unique. The even/odd statistics never change. They are always static. There is no change in movement either. It is always about two things: the most frequent winning numbers and the drawing itself.

So, why should you learn about this?

After spending years on learning every aspect of the lottery, we learn 1 important thing. If you know how the system works and use it towards your favour, you should learn about the static possibilities first. You should know the exact drawing possibilities of the 6 numbers, drawn in 1- 49 number range.

Then, you have to map both the occurrences and movements of the drawn numbers. This process will get you the most frequent drawn numbers. Using this information, you can build your betting model and figure out the winning numbers.

No matter who you choose to be, a hunter or trapper, there are several things you have to know. What are the habits? How do they move?

A hunter and trapper are actually quite similar. The only difference between them is things they basically do. A traper catches its prey using a trap, while a hunter tracks it.

A trapper knows his prey’s habits, including his movement, location preference, and when it becomes most active. Meanwhile, a hunter knows how his prey moves, its environment etc.

To trap numbers, you have to use every information you have on your target number and build a trap based on that information. At the very least, you have to know where it will go. Once you built the trap, leave it in the best spot that your target prey will likely go and wait. Yes, you have to wait until the number gets into the trap.

As there are a variety of paths for the numbers to follow, you have to be patient until the number picks your target path, where you laid the trap.

Tracking number is a bit easier. You only have to know the last position of your target number and follow its trajectory. This way, you will know the expected ‘destination’ of your number.

Now, it’s time to learn the rules.

First, as a hunter, you can only shoot your target when they move. That means, in order to succeed, you have to find out which numbers will move next and the best time to shoot them. Also, please remember that you have to shoot 6 numbers before you can get a score.

If you choose to be a trapper, you have to know well the exact location your target number does appear most often. You should also know how they move, their origin, and destination. With this information, you can easily pick the best spot to lay the trap. Once you laid the traps, don’t forget to follow the numbers closely to make sure they are moving towards your trap. Since trapping is a more passive activity, you may catch fewer numbers than the more active hunting.